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Re pair,  RE MAKE &  re set

At Yworld, we are focusing on what we can do before "throwing away" with "valuing things" in mind.

We would like you to feel the joy of the materials that are reborn by redesigning them as well as repairing them, and purifying and resetting the stones.


At Yworld, we are not able to accept engraving work at the moment, but please leave the remake of sleeping natural stones for other work. Natural stones are living things. The stones that have been cracked or discolored and have played a role will be put to sleep in the soil, but the other still shining stones will be rejuvenated by borrowing the light of the sun and moon. Can shine.

Please take your time and breathe into it.

Yworld has a large selection of colorful stones. By adding one new color, the atmosphere changes dramatically and it is fresh. Regarding the design, after listening to your request, we will make an image here and manufacture it.

We also offer counseling that incorporates wave color science, so it is possible to combine good colors and stones that are derived from this.

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