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Birthstone Pendant

A partner for shining days with always feelings in mind.

~ You who worked hard will bloom ~

The motif with a message is a tulip that symbolizes the Netherlands, filled with the feelings of the author.
In fact, they are called "drops" and "people" that triggered the birth of Yworld.
The letters are layered to form a flower shape.

Drop / Drop
How much sweat and tears did you shed to keep your dreams?

People / encounters
How many people have you met in your life so far?

Flower / flowering
How much thank you will be from now on.

A pendant that revives the feelings you have forgotten.
I hope you can wear it with your story.


January Garnet

February Amethyst

March aquamarine

April diamond

May emerald

June moonstone

July Ruby

August Peridot

September sapphire

October Pink Tourmaline

November citrine

December turquoise

This design was completed in 2015 with the cooperation of ANIMAL-WARSHIP SILVER while living in the Netherlands.

* This item is a special order. From 25,000 yen



In 2019, we created another design to reduce the original size and make it an easy-to-wear pendant.


Silver 925 (silver) 15,000 yen ~

MMB (copper) 12500 yen ~

The price is for pendants only.

The price will change depending on the type of stone.

Chain is not included.

​Inquiries regarding orders

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