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Yworld, who loves pearls, has freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, shell pearls, etc.

We offer each feature and charm in various styles.

Freshwater pearl
Freshwater pearl

As the name suggests, freshwater pearls are born from shellfish that grow in freshwater such as lakes and rivers.
On the other hand, general pearls can be said to be seawater pearls from shellfish that grow in seawater.

Neither is an artificial pearl, so it is also called a "real pearl."

Most of the freshwater pearls currently in circulation are produced by aquaculture.

Because the cultivation method is different from that of Akoya pearls and spherical nuclei are not inserted.

Many shapes such as rice type and baroque type are also available.

In the past, freshwater pearls seemed to have a strong image of being cheap and inferior.

Nowadays, with the improvement of aquaculture technology, splendid and beautiful freshwater pearls are produced.

Due to the wide variety of colors and shapes, it is often used as a material for accessories.

Pearls have been popular as women's ornaments since ancient times.
The power of "beauty" and "health" has been passed down since ancient times.

・ Bring out the inner beauty of the wearer.
・ Looking at the pearls will relax your mind and body.
・ Avoid bad edges and use it as a talisman to protect you from evil.

It can be said that it is a jewel that has lived with people while being expected to have various powers.

In addition, since shellfish grow pearls in the body, pearls may also be used as amulets for pregnancy and childbirth.

Shell pearl

Shell pearl

A type of imitation pearl (artificial pearl) made from shells.

Because it has a beauty close to that of genuine pearls, it is popular as a material with excellent cost performance.

Shell pearls are inferior to genuine pearls in terms of monetary value and rarity value,

It is widely popular as a material with excellent cost performance.

Also, in recent years, very high quality products have been made.

It is evaluated to be as beautiful as this pearl.

And the biggest feature of shell pearl is "ease of handling".

Compared to genuine pearls, it is more resistant to sweat and dirt, and has excellent durability, making it suitable for everyday accessories.

As a power stone accessory, it goes well with other natural stones,

You can make a beautiful design by using shell pearls.

Akoya pearl

Akoya pearl

Japan's world-class "Akoya pearls".

Pearls produced by Akoya pearl oysters are called "Akoya pearls".
Akoya pearls in Japan are said to be the origin of cultured pearls in the world.

Akoya pearls are highly regarded gemstones, but the quality of the pearls varies greatly.

These are not dyed on the surface of the pearl, but are called "breakfast".

Since the surface film is made after adjusting the color of the base, there is no need to worry about discoloration.

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