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"Relaxing stone"

It is a stone that has soft energy and is highly effective in suppressing frustration and anxiety and healing stress.


"Guardian of love"

It is a stone with a high healing effect that heals the body tired from stress, calms and gives a refreshing comfort.


​For those who are about to start something. It is a stone that keeps timid feelings away and gives strength and courage. It will shake off your hesitation and increase your positivity.


​It is a talisman-like stone that cultivates calm calm and unwavering patience and protects the owner's personal safety from disasters and bad luck. It has the effect of activating metabolism.


"Gather people who need it"

A stone that awakens one's own abilities and talents. Very positive and well-being.


"Message from space"The mysterious vibration that reaches the soul directly enhances intuition, insight, imagination, precognition, and spiritual ability.


"A stone that symbolizes the connection between people"

It has the power to help you hold and connect ties in any relationship.

Ocean Jasper

​A gemstone that connects people with each other. It is an attractive stone that does not have the same pattern or color.

​Rutile quartz

Since it contains a "golden line", it is said to attract money and is considered a talisman of good luck.

It will be a good supporter for a turning point in your life.

Strawberry quartz

"Stone that symbolizes love and beauty"

The best guard stone for women.

It is a stone that promotes the action of female hormones and keeps youthful.

​Mother of pearl

"Symbol of birth and rebirth"

A mother shell of pearls that is said to be a talisman for raising children. A stone that gently wraps your injured heart.

​Freshwater pearl

A stone containing "gentle charity".

It works on beauty and health, keeps negative energy away, and prepares the environment.


​"A stone that encourages you to be honest and honest" It is a stone that supports you to have a belief in yourself, regardless of the person.

​Tiger Eye

"Eyes that see everything"

It is said to be a stone that enhances determination and action, and gently encourages people who are trying new things.


"Lucky stone"

Citrine, with the energy of the sun, is a stone that carries courage, hope and self-confidence.


​It is a very good support to raise your own level in real life.

[Blue collar]
Feel the ocean, the universe, the magnificent capacity,
It's a big big love color.
Promote smooth communication,
It is a color that makes you wish for someone's happiness.

Develop calm calm and unwavering patience,
It is a talisman stone that protects you from disasters and anxieties.

A stone that empowers blood.
It cultivates mental strength and enhances endurance.

It works on the power to connect the mind, emotions and body well,
This stone is recommended when you have a hard time thinking.

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