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Handling of natural stone bracelets


① The bracelet uses rubber.


Since rubber deteriorates and becomes weaker over time, it is recommended to replace the rubber regularly. As a guide, if you send it to us once a year, we will clean and purify the natural stone and perform maintenance such as rubber replacement. (* Paid)


② Types and properties of natural stone


Natural stone is a mineral and is known to have a mysterious power that gives it power. However, in order to bring out that power, we need to get used to each other. By treating them with affection, you will be loved by stones.


Some stones are sensitive to light and water, and some are sensitive to temperature differences, so knowing and caring for the properties of the stone is the key to maintaining a long and better relationship. Discoloration and cracking of stones also occur for that reason. First of all, we recommend you to find out what kind of stone it is.


③ How to care


After use, wipe off sweat and dirt with a soft cloth and let it rest.

Please remove the bracelet while sleeping or taking a bath.

Do not store in direct sunlight.

Use a purification method that suits the stone to remove the tiredness of the stone and recharge it.


* Finally, when the bracelet suddenly changes, it is often said that it protected the owner. If the stone is broken or the color has changed significantly, it is a good idea to return it to nature with gratitude.

It can be in the soil of the garden or on the soil of a potted plant.


If you have any other questions, please contact us using the contact form on our website.

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