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(Japanese name fluorite)

Fluorite called "Genius Stone". Its origin begins with its properties that cannot be found in ordinary stones.

It is a stone of hope that shines in the dark, and it has the power to guide you in the direction you should go when you are in doubt.

It is called "fluorite" because it emits a mysterious light when it is actually exposed to ultraviolet rays.

(* It seems that not all stones emit light ...)

Pure fluorite is said to be colorless, but green, purple, yellow, and pink are intertwined.

There are also party colors, and a wide variety is attractive.

In addition, the healing effect of each color is different, and it is a natural stone full of charm.

Fluorite, the etymology of flowing, has smooth vibrations and is ideal for meditation and relaxation.

It is said to be a good stone for improving study and work.

In addition, it does not have a fixed concept and gives the power to enhance imagination and creativity, so it is suitable as a talisman.

Here, I briefly summarized the healing effect, but if you want to know more, please use <Fluorite>.

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